The Wellbeing of Architects is a comprehensive three year study – funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Projects scheme – that aims to be the one of the first major studies to use interdisciplinary, qualitative and quantitative methods to address the question of how workplace cultures and professional identity affect wellbeing in architecture – and thus lay the foundations for practical improvements in the future.

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  • The Wellbeing of Architects [education + practice –] symposium

    The Wellbeing of Architects [education + practice] Symposium marks the conclusion of a comprehensive research project, The Wellbeing of Architects: Culture, Identity and Practice (2020-2024). This event, held over two days, presents the study’s findings and – more importantly – proposes actionable recommendations for addressing the mental health and wellbeing issues prevalent in the architecture community.

  • Our follow-up survey on the wellbeing of architecture students is now complete

    Thank you to all those who participated in our survey, we are now analysing the results, and look forward to reporting these in the near future!

    Our first survey and focus groups with architecture students conducted in 2021 generated important insights on the wellbeing of people studying architecture in Australia. This second survey will enable the research team to track changes in the wellbeing of architecture students over the last two years.

  • Our follow-up survey on work-related wellbeing in architecture is now closed

    Thank you for telling us about your experiences of work-related wellbeing in architecture.

    Our follow-up survey on work-related wellbeing in architecture is now closed, and we have started the process of analysing the results and preparing a report on the findings. This data will build on our first survey and focus groups to contribute to the development of resources, toolkits, and practical advice – to help architectural practices, institutions, and organisations to better support their people and create positive work-place cultures.

    This is the final major piece of primary research in the Wellbeing of Architects project, and we thank you for taking part, sharing your experiences, and giving us your thoughts!

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