The Wellbeing of Architects

Project updates

  • Research Update: Findings so far

    A discussion of the initial findings from the Wellbeing of Architects research project, hosted by Justine Clark for Parlour. Naomi Stead, Byron Kinnaird and Tracey Shea outline preliminary findings with a focus on the dissemination of the data collected in the major practitioner survey.


  • Research Update: Student survey complete

    In August and September 2021 our team conducted a major, nation-wide survey of students of architecture. We had over 630 respondents to the student survey, with a good spread of geographic location, different programs, and those at all stages of their architectural education.


  • Research Update: Practitioner survey complete!

    In July 2021, 2000 respondents completed the first The Wellbeing of Architects survey. This survey, targeted at those working within the architecture profession, was designed to collect data relating to work-related wellbeing (social, physical and emotional); professional identity; perceptions of support; and the impact of work culture and practices on individual wellbeing.


  • Research Update: Pilot interviews

    Naomi Stead and Maryam Gusheh chat with Justine Clark about the findings of the pilot interviews conducted as part of the Wellbeing of Architects research project.