Industry Partners

The research project includes numerous industry-based research partners including six private architecture practices (in alphabetic order: BVN, DesignInc, Elenberg Fraser, TheFulcrum.Agency, Hassell, and SJB), as well as the NSW Architects Registration Board, the Australian Institute of Architects (national), and Association of Consulting Architects (ACA), as well as the peak body representing architecture schools in Australia and New Zealand – the Association of Australasian Schools of Architecture (AASA).

The NSW Architects Registration Board (the Board) is a statutory authority that registers and regulates architects in NSW and accredits NSW architecture programs. The Board is committed to improving workplace culture and wellbeing in architecture, both in NSW and beyond.

One of the Board’s key objectives is to develop informed and engaging programs and resources for architects and consumers of architectural services that are accessible, rigorous and respected. In 2016, the Board commissioned a report into workplace culture in the architectural sector, which highlighted many common practices and attitudes that decrease wellbeing and, ultimately, productivity, for architects at all career stages, including students, architects seeking work, and professional architects.

The Australian Institute of Architects (the Institute) is the peak body for the architecture profession in Australia. We represent over 11,500 members globally, and play a major role in shaping a progressive agenda for the build environment by promoting quality, responsible, sustainable design.

This Institute is dedicated to improving our built environment and the health and wellbeing of all who live and work in our diverse communities. This includes protecting and advancing the mental and physical wellbeing of all those who work in the architecture sector. Our mission is to develop and promote a strong architectural profession and to be the voice for architecture.

The Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia (AASA) is the peak representative body for architectural education in the Australasian region. We identify, develop and support: quality professional undergraduate and graduate education of architects and related professions; research, scholarship and creative work in relation to architecture and the designed environment; and policy, community service and professional activities in relation to architectural education.

The Wellbeing of Architects project aligns with our central mission and commitment to advocate for architectural education. We expect this to be a highly significant, even transformational project which will have a major impact on how architectural education is conceived and delivered in Australasia, and the world.

Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) is the national peak body representing the interests of employers in industrial matters. It helps architectural firms navigate the changing world of practice by providing regular advice and information on business and employment matters, by promoting awareness of and discussion about business issues, and by advocating for better business practices and legislative frameworks.

The Wellbeing of Architects project is squarely in alignment with ACA’s mission and vision. Through our leadership, support and advocacy, we help to ensure the long-term health and viability of the profession, and thereby support the important contribution that architecture makes to our cities, environments, communities and cultures.

BVN is a values-led architectural firm anchored by a deep investment in people. Based in Sydney and Brisbane with studios in London and New York, it’s one of Australia’s largest architectural practices which operates, uniquely, as a collective, with a male/female co-CEO team.

BVN is internally renowned for its award-winning designs which deliver city defining buildings such as Atlassian HQ, Bangkok Embassy, BHive.

With a 90-year history and a reputation for leadership and innovation, BVN’s success is grounded in a deep commitment to people so that every success is a shared one. This approach is enshrined in BVN ways of working and is central to the practice’s DNA.

DesignInc is an award-wining architecture practice combining a holistic approach to the built environment with expert knowledge in education, health, community, workplace, residential and urban design.

We are motivated by projects that can make a difference to the world we live in. One of the questions we ask ourselves is ‘What makes a healthy building?’. As designers, it is our role and obligation to add value to our clients’ projects by innovating with integrated architecture that is visually enriching, socially responsive and ecologically restorative.

Within our practice we strive to create a studio environment that is vibrant and creative, and are committed to attracting, retaining and developing talented and curious staff.

Elenberg Fraser is an integrated design practice operating across the Asia-Pacific region, where buildings prove that good design leads to economic, social and cultural benefits.

The outcome is sensory – architecture that people can feel, not just see. Architecture that makes people think, acknowledging the origins of architecture and its plethora of influences, both ancient and modern.

Through interrogation, invention and collaboration we produce experiential spaces that demand reaction.

As an organisation striving to be at the forefront of best practice employment in the architecture profession, Elenberg Fraser is committed to understanding work cultures and their effects, and contributing to changes that will improve the wellbeing of architects, not only in our own practice, but the wider industry and community.

Hassell works across architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and urban design. We combine our creative design expertise with capabilities in strategy, research, technology and experience design. Through our work, we aim to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for communities. Hassell also has its own specialist research unit, which undertakes research with clients, academics and industry partners.

Looking after our staff is crucial to our practice and culture. For this reason, we are proud to be a partner on the The Wellbeing of Architects project, which will increase our understanding of and better address issues facing practising architects and others working across the industry.

For more than four decades SJB has made a significant contribution to Australia’s built environment. As a multi-disciplinary design practice, SJB works across and integrates architecture, urban design, interior design and planning. We understand the value of working with others and collaborate with clients, partners and the community to deliver urban and design solutions that have a positive impact on quality of life.

SJB adopts a human-centric approach to workplace culture, championing value-led policies and processes that support an organisational culture which empowers our people, our business and our contribution to the communities in which we work to thrive.

TheFulcrum.Agency is an architectural creative consultancy that leverages community and social outcomes through evidence-based design thinking. We have studios in Fremantle and Sydney and work between design, advocacy, research, and action to address inequality and create impact across Australia – in major urban centres and remote communities.

Founded by Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong, TheFulcrum.Agency was born from decades in practice delivering public and social housing, education and community infrastructure, urban design and planning guidance. Our team has extensive experience in community engagement, participatory planning, and communications design.

We believe that The Wellbeing of Architects project will positively impact and reshape the culture of the architecture profession in Australia.