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    Well-being in Architectural Education: Theory-building, Reflexive Methodology, and the 'Hidden Curriculum'

    Naomi Stead, Maryam Gusheh, and Julia Rodwell

    This paper reflects critically upon a series of pilot interviews, exploring the concept of a ‘hidden curriculum’ in architecture, and proposes a theoretical framework within which we might understand, rethink, and revalue well-being in architectural education and the profession.

    The paper suggests that the aspects of the discipline which are protective of mental health and well-being are inextricably entangled with the aspects which are problematic, and that reform in education cannot simply look to dismantle disciplinary codes or deliver more skills in good business practice. The paper proposes that the intersection of the two would lead to substantial reform in pedagogy, and in practice, to the benefit of all.

    Journal of Architectural Education / 2022 / Cite Stead, N. Gusheh, M. and Rodwell, J. (2022). Wellbeing in architectural education: between the ‘hidden’ and the ‘missing’ curricula. Journal of Architectural Education, 76:1, 85-97.